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TimingTool is designed to give electronics engineers an easy to use graphical interface for entering and editing timing diagrams commonly seen in digital electronic design.

TimingTool is intuitive in use and always presents the most useful properties of selected objects for easy access.

Diagrams for analysis, design and documentation may be created quickly and efficiently, benefiting workflow saving time and money.

  • Diagrams for Documentation – Diagrams may be exported in a variety of formats for documentation. All common graphics and word processing packages are supported with bitmap, scalable vector and pdf formats.

  • Timing Analysis – The parameter driven timing analysis engine automatically calculates delay paths, set-up and hold violations, measures and guarantees. Complex timing problems may be quickly identified and corrected.

  • Automated HDL test bench Generation – TimingTool has the capability of translating a timing diagram into HDL (VHDL or Verilog) to aid productivity when producing test benches and other forms of timing related HDL code.

  • Timing Diagrams on the Web – Data sheets may be exported directly to HTML for instant publication to the web/intranet. Timing diagrams can be uploaded to on-line work areas. These may be accessed globally with TimingTool-Lite the free-to-use on-line timing diagram editor, enabling development teams to share information between sites and offices.

  • Adaptable – A powerful macro scripting language permits TimingTool Editor to perform custom tasks. Use macros to perform specialised exports or imports.

  • Si2 TDML Standard – TimingTool documents are completely TDML compliant. TDML is an XML based standard for recording timing diagram information, which has been developed by the Si2 organisation.

TimingTool Lite

TimingTool Lite is a free-to-use tool with most of the features of TimingTool Editor presented as an on-line applet. TimingTool Lite may be used freely from an Internet connected PC using any Java enabled browser. (Java version 1.5 or higher.)

  • Diagrams for Documentation – Diagrams may be output in a number of formats just like the full application.

  • Timing Diagrams on the Web – Work on Timing diagrams in personal work areas and access on-line via TimingTool-Lite anywhere within reach of the Internet. Use TimingTool Lite to share information between sites and offices.

  • Free to use – TimingTool Lite is, and always will be, free to use. Why? We believe that this kind of tool should be freely available for education, further, engineers are able to try TimingTool without obligation and may go on to purchase the full application. Advertising on our website helps to offset the costs of providing this service.

TimingTool License Server

TimingTool License Server is provided without additional charge to those users who opt for floating licenses.

The TimingTool floating license system is a simple way to manage licenses. A rugged server application runs on a designated server PC. The server is maintained using a simple administrative application launched on any client machine.

  • Anti-hang – Should the server be lost due to network or other problems, the client TimingTool applications continue to run for a short while. If the server remains unavailable, TimingTool will pop-up a message saying that the server connection is lost and the user may choose to save his work and exit or wait until the server is restored.

  • Visibility – Should all licenses be issued, a pop-up will give visibility of who holds the licenses.

  • No license hogging – If a client is unexpectedly lost due to system crash or power loss etc., the license server automatically releases the license.

  • User friendly – Administration is performed using a simple, one screen application – no complex configuration required.

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