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New Features in TimingTool

TimingTool Version 3 is now available and includes:

  • Derived Signals
  • Enhanced Timing Analysis
  • Colour Highlighting for Signals
  • Hidden Signals
  • Curvy Relationships

This release also resolves some problems found in previous releases - more...

Derived Signals

TimingTool provides the means to derive waveforms from logical combinations of others.

The derived waveform calculator is easy to use and very powerful. Waveforms may be calculated from combinatorial equations referencing any other signals, busses or clocks in the document. The equations used to derive a waveform are saved within the waveform attributes to make it easy to re-calculate or adjust at any time.

To start using just double click on the waveform name in the waveform panel.

Enhanced Timing Analysis

TimingTool's timing analysis algorithms have been further refined. Timing chains are now calculated more efficiently and can solve narrow pulses with a single pass.

Colour Highlighting for Signals

Add a touch of colour to your waveforms. Easy to use colour button on the waveform attribute panel allows individual signals to be highlighted with colour.

Hidden Signals

Hide away signals of no interest in your final view. A single click can hide source signals to improve clarity of a diagram.

A global "view all hidden signals" view setting is included so you can easily navigate through multiple hidden signals.

Curvy Relationships

As requested, a different way to render a relationship. Click on "Alternative" in the relationship attribute panel.

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